Dean O and VeronicaDean and Veronica O’Shannessey, the owners and promoters of Illumination, have been organising the event since the formation in 2000. They are both active DJs in the local electronic dance scene, known as DJ DeanO and DJ VenuS

DJ DEANO : Electric Guitar / Didgeridoo/ Progressive/ Psychedelic Trance (134-144BPM)

DJ VENUS Tribal Ambient Temple Beats (90-128BPM)

They own and operate Silver Gem Enterprises in the Cairns Night Markets, specialising in Sterling Silver and natural Gemstones. Veronica designs her own original pieces including a range of Queensland Boulder Opal pendants. Both Dean and Veronica feel that Illumination is essentially a vehicle of light in which artists and performers can showcase their talents in a high profile production.

You can contact us at Silver Gem on 07 4031 9600 at the Cairns Night Markets from 5pm till 11pm, 7 nights a week. Silver Gem Cairns at the Night Markets

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It was the year 2000 when we first decided to dress up in white outfits and launch the project.

The first 4 years of Illumination were held in our house at Lake Placid with crowds of up to 300. It became obvious by the 5th year, that we needed larger space to allow for growth and evolution.

Our first show out of the house was at A.J Hackett Cairns (Illumination 2004 – Voyage of the 5th Sun) in the rain forest just north of Cairns. This site, we felt, was the closest to replicating the original party’s atmosphere. The venue allowed us to have multiple stages, rain forest surrounding’s, stairways, water feature (man made lake) and a chill zone for kicking back and taking it all in.

With crowds up to 1000 people we realised the move was essential. The event stands by promoting UNITY and encourages involvement of like minded people, and this is where the white outfits come into the picture. Audience participation adds to the texture of the moving canvas on which the intelligent light show, lasers and visuals are projected on.